About the LIAS AP / CRM Project

LIAS AP mapLIAS maintains a network of Wireless Internet Access Points, often in remote locations, on the tops of rocky bluffs or mountains. 

All LIAS customers connect to the Internet via one of these Access Points (AP).

This network is powered by alternate energy systems, and actively maintained by a group of volunteers who visit the sites regularly, check on the equipment, and make any neccessary repairs.

The LIAS AP / CRM Web Tools site provides a central place for logging information about each site, what type of maintenance was performed, and what is outstanding.  It allows the LIAS tech team to get an overview of how the system is being maintained, and what work needs to be completed to keep it operating smoothly.

We all benefit from the LIAS Wireless system -- consider getting involved -- we need your help!

To use the site, you can login using your lasqueti.ca credentials.  However, you must be granted permission before you can actually actually access any of the tools -- please Contact Us to request the permissions you need.